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Social butterfly

Just back from dinner with Grace, a relatively new friend from Community Group. Her call was a pleasant surprise and a welcome break. It's good for me to get to know new people, and Grace is intelligent and intriguing. She did her undergraduate work in molecular biology, and I think her Master's is also in biology. Currently she works for the state, evaluating emerging medical technologies for worker's compensation claims.

I am not nearly so smart.

Social obligations tomorrow: not one but two parties. Blanche even called the office today to persuade me, since I responded to her eVite with a "maybe." Apparently she bought me a pumpkin, is making desserts Martha Stewart-style, and promises that there will be many women and few men there. Quite a sales job— not sure if I'm excited or a little creeped out.

Beyond that, so much to think about, to pray about. Dear Lord, I don't want to hurt anyone. God doesn't need to show me His plan, but I sure wonder. Walking today in faith is hard.

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