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Social butterfly

Just back from dinner with Grace, a relatively new friend from Community Group. Her call was a pleasant surprise and a welcome break. It's good for me to get to know new people, and Grace is intelligent and intriguing. She did her undergraduate work in molecular biology, and I think her Master's is also in biology. Currently she works for the state, evaluating emerging medical technologies for worker's compensation claims.

I am not nearly so smart.

Social obligations tomorrow: not one but two parties. Blanche even called the office today to persuade me, since I responded to her eVite with a "maybe." Apparently she bought me a pumpkin, is making desserts Martha Stewart-style, and promises that there will be many women and few men there. Quite a sales job— not sure if I'm excited or a little creeped out.

Beyond that, so much to think about, to pray about. Dear Lord, I don't want to hurt anyone. God doesn't need to show me His plan, but I sure wonder. Walking today in faith is hard.


I wonder what sort of 'sales number' she is giving all the ladies that will be at this gathering. heh I am sooo looking forward to hearing about this event. *giggles*
Hey I am kinday new. I am enjoying your journal. Thanks for posting it. Now as far as this meeting with the other women, you know it's going to happen. Now I played my flute up front with the other professionals. I am not professional. But people often had the idea that I would be good for someone or other. And I would often get fixed up. Of course it never worked because I am not a doctor. Now not to discourage you. These are people that maybe could use a good friend. Ok now I am sounding absolutely dreadful. It's not that way. They may be fixing you up with the love of your life. You never know. I am only saying that at the worst there will be new people you can pray for.

The least thing you can do for someone is pray. The best thing you can do for someone is pray. Isn't is great how it always come to prayer. So easy and yet the best thing you can do.