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Do I see God in all of this,
or maybe all along?

—Stavesacre, "Gold and Silver"

Have some catch-up to do at the office today, but that may go quickly. Now that I know in part why I may have been led to stay home yesterday, I'm not sorry. Apparently my ability to forsee the strangest possibilities still has a hole or two in it. Humbling, among other things.

Community Group was OK last night. Things I could tell them and things I couldn't. We decided that at least once a month we'll be sharing life stories as a way to deepen our relationships. I'm excited and glad, yet what will I tell them? A cover story, most likely: something to make them laugh, to show them something that will distract them from all they aren't seeing. Misdirection. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

This morning I have new questions for God.

Chapter four. What would the story be without a plot twist?
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