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I like the feel of my face after I shave. Not sure how long I'll keep the full beard, though the goatee is an institution on my chin. Haven't gone barefaced in seven years, and I'm unlikely to do so without a compelling reason to the contrary.

Lately, some of my senses have been more sharply tuned. Like many things, I don't think it'll ever stop feeling a bit strange. I don't want to ever be possessed of/by the certainty which leads to arrogance and error, yet there is a confidence and comfort I've had that makes decision and action flow more freely. Feels like becoming who I am.

Blessed by good, fresh friendships. Received a few compliments which touched me regarding my contribution to Sunday's congregational meeting. It was good to have something to give. Got to know Nate Ryan a bit over coffee on Sunday morning, then was able to spend time in prayer with him and talking with him and his wife Jess last night. Annika wrote me an e-mail (subject: "Fan Mail"); I should really respond. Jennifer's e-mail from Vermont also needs a reply. Saturday brings parties at Blanche's and Meg's, with another thrown by Heather and the Ottos next Friday.

When come back, bring pie.

On the walk home, I picked up leaves: fire, gold, and green. I love the smell of leaves, the crunch of them, the magnificence of their astonishing color. An array is now splayed on my coffee table. It's not a plant, but it's a start.

My prayers continue. It's hard, I know.

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