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A visitor from Sheba

When the queen of Sheba heard about the fame of Solomon and his relation to the name of the Lord, she came to test him with hard questions...she came to Solomon and talked with him about all that she had on her mind. Solomon answered all her questions; nothing was too hard for the king to explain to her.

—1 Kings 10:1-3

This is an amazing, deep picture of what it means to bear witness to God's glory, of how He opens eyes and changes hearts when we do. The queen is strong, rich, powerful, intelligent. She brings to the table her own wealth and her own questions. Solomon is called to meet her there as an equal, as a witness to the wisdom and wealth God had poured out on his life and kingdom.

In revealing Himself through Solomon and by His blessing of Israel, God both woos and conquers the queen. Make no mistake— the latter is always true. He is the ultimate Victor. He will always conquer. The Old Testament is riddled with tales of the complete destruction of peoples and cultures raised up against Him. Yet here she questions, and here He reveals.

There is a romance here, an intrigue, a drawing near that is not a given but a grace. The story is full of beauty. It teaches me how to pray and who to be. I've been given an inheritance far richer than Solomon's. Who knows what might happen if I allow and invite others to see? The wisdom of the Spirit is immeasurable. Who knows what might happen if I speak it?

My day today: late wake-up; morning reading, writing, conversation, and coffee with taci; office work this afternoon; hopefully a helping of peace and rest somewhere along the way. I am my obstacle.

She said to the king, "The report I heard in my own country about your achievements and your wisdom is true. But I did not believe these things until I came and saw with my own eyes. Indeed, not even half was told me; in wisdom and wealth you have far exceeded the report I heard...Praise be to the Lord your God, who has delighted in you and placed you on the throne of Israel. Because of the Lord's eternal love for Israel, He has made you king, to maintain justice and righteousness."

—1 Kings 10:6-7, 9

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