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Among the other administrative minutiae of the week (very little of which will actually be done this week, even if I go into the office tomorrow as planned), I'm refitting the iBook formerly assigned to my ex-boss for use by our Chief Musician. As part of this, I'm road testing the battery life by bringing it with me to a late lunch. A little journaling is a good benefit. At this point, the battery seems in better shape than my own; I may swap them and get the weaker one replaced under AppleCare. This is by no means interesting.

Tonight my pastor's family is having the staff over for dinner. Should be great fun— all people I greatly enjoy. Must admit that I still have to gear myself up for gatherings like this, even under the best of circumstances, and I usually find myself looking forward to when they'll be over. It's not personal. I covet time. I have my reasons.

Ah, tea.

Last night's Community Group time in the Psalms (16-18) left me intrigued by David. Worthy of independent reading, writing, prayer, meditation, and consideration. Watch this space.

Some things desperately need to change in me. Thankfully, God is on my side, even when the enemy is myself.
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