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Hollowness and hunger

Immersed in the mundane today. Doing things that are necessary, but I must confess to more than a bit of boredom, bordering on depression. Nothing terrible, just the sense that this alone is not my life. And I think I'm right about that.

If you had both the attention and the love of the God of the universe, would you talk with Him, ask Him questions, listen to His answers, enjoy His love? I do, and I don't. Little wonder that I feel emptiness. That's a gift, just as hunger is a gift to one who otherwise would pay no heed to the feast set before him. Stop being foolish, Christian.

Spooky: Dan Savage actually wrote something in The Stranger that might be worth considering (even if I throw it out after considering it).

Community Group tonight, without Nate. Tired. Hope I can rest in fellowship.

Need to start getting up earlier, perhaps.


Thank you.
Spooky indeed. It's been a very long time since I read anything by Dan Savage. Thanks for pointing this out, I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.
Re: the article
It appears to me that anyone can argue well for both sides of the debate. The trouble is, until this crooked government (New World Government) decides to share the TRUTH with us, we will never be able to argue intelligently about any of this. There are so many lies being told that we have no idea who is who anymore.

How can we ever know what is really going on when we have CIA Operatives that actually plant stories here there and everywhere in order to sway public opinion etc... We think that so many people write articles based on 'fact', When in fact the only 'facts' they have, are based on the 'planted' stories, leading the race for lies told.

I firmly believe that it's the New World agenda ("The end justifies the means...") that is being shaped with all of this Middle East turmoil. Iraq is just another game piece on the board. I don't trust anyone in this game and I think in the end, people will realize that they had absolutely no idea, that what was going on... was actually going on, right in front of their noses.
dear Captain,

consider savage's argument and then throw it out. please, throw it out.
war with Iraq is based on a very slippery slope coated with the sleek shine of oil,
power, dominance. believe me when i say that for every argument he offers, i have a counterpoint which defeats or deflates his effectiveness.

post-9/11, post-bali: there are other choices.
we just haven't considered them because we can't see they're there.

Christ admonishes us to love our enemy -
is rain of bombs upon either hussein or iraquian citizens love?


Stop being foolish, Christian

I guess it's still the foolish things that confound the wise, in which case we're in good company.