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Hollowness and hunger

Immersed in the mundane today. Doing things that are necessary, but I must confess to more than a bit of boredom, bordering on depression. Nothing terrible, just the sense that this alone is not my life. And I think I'm right about that.

If you had both the attention and the love of the God of the universe, would you talk with Him, ask Him questions, listen to His answers, enjoy His love? I do, and I don't. Little wonder that I feel emptiness. That's a gift, just as hunger is a gift to one who otherwise would pay no heed to the feast set before him. Stop being foolish, Christian.

Spooky: Dan Savage actually wrote something in The Stranger that might be worth considering (even if I throw it out after considering it).

Community Group tonight, without Nate. Tired. Hope I can rest in fellowship.

Need to start getting up earlier, perhaps.
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