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Smooth Sunday (well, mostly...)

Been a while since I wrote outside. Night air is chilly on my sandaled and stockinged feet, but they are still comfortable. This is the footwear of leisure time, something I have come to covet.

Worship services went blessedly smoothly, with people showing up for duties and me being able to relax a bit and enjoy fellowship. The morning curve ball was calling the office voice mail and hearing "you have twenty-nine new messages." Twenty-nine?!? I had just been to the office yesterday and checked it then, so how was this possible? The first message was from late September, so I assumed that something had gone wrong with the system and resurrected old messages. Then I realized that I had never heard that message before. Nor the next one. Nor the next. I was both amused and aghast upon realizing that I hadn't retrieved messages since the end of September because our new message notification (that little broken dialtone when I pick up the line) had somehow been turned off. Yeah, that's me— administrative guru. Now I have a list of messages to return and people to apologize to. Thankfully, nothing earth-shattering or heartbreaking.

Oh, and Blanche brought me homemade salsa. Blessed.

Will likely take tomorrow off and go in Tuesday, my usual day off, instead. Since it's Columbus Day (we still celebrate this?), banks and postal services will be shut down, eliminating half or more of my usual Monday routine.

Now that my feet are numb, I'm going inside. You win, elements.
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