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Full moon

A girl just came up to my window, said "my friends are making me do this," and mooned me. And this is the closest thing I've had to a date in recent history.


Hmm, sounds like there could be great dating prospects with one or more of those girls if they are into drive-by mooning.
I know...I hope my life becomes this interesting!
It's odd how circumstances come in pairs or in threesomes. Yesterday, I was listening to a conversation in the breakroom of a couple of people who had been flashed the night before by a naked guy running down the freeway during a traffic jam. We laughed and squirmed for a bit.

Then I headed back to my post in the guest services lobby, and in comes a little old lady who is soaking wet. A coworker had arranged for us to dry her clothes, so I ran to get a robe from wardrobe while the woman waited in a side office.

Came back with the robe, knocked on the door, and she calls, "Come in; I'm decent." So I walk in, and there she is, proudly standing with a hand on her hip and wearing nothing but worn grannie-panties. "I'm ready!!" she chimed at me. I fought to keep eye contact, delivered the robe to the back of a chair, and after a short conversation, snuck out of the room. Had to escape the immediate area quickly because of this hysterical laughter building up in my throat. I definitely wasn't expecting that!!