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Do you want to get well?

—Jesus (John 5:6)

The question isn't as odd as I might think. It's not about "counting the cost" in the traditional sense; it's about changing my identity. I think I want to be well, but I've learned to identify with my sickness, made some sort of peace with it, made it part of who I am. Giving up that sickness truly is a sacrifce. In fact, it's the only one I can make at all— my brokenness is all I have to give. I must be willing to become someone new, to walk in that truth, to receive a new identity. I can't rest in who I thought I was, in who I used to be, in my own self-centered way of navigating a broken life. Do I really want to get well?

A little jangled inside— spent time this morning wrestling with old wounds and unresolved questions. It's still hard. I still feel the losses, and I still feel like a freak.

For the most part, this bothers me, too. In some ways, more than one might think. It's funny how things come together.

See, you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.

—Jesus (John 5:14)


WOW! "Is there a God?" ...And those are the people that are 'entertaining' our society (World). I wonder how many people really take to heart the meaning of 'nightly PROGRAMMING' while flipping channels on their televisions? Can anyone hear God through all this noise?


Patricia Heaton's comments made me very happy. There's another answer in there that chills me to the marrow.
She's also pro-life. She's the only person I could muster a cheer for at the Emmys. Oh, and Michael Chiklis, because I like The Shield.

But Joss really disappointed the heck out of me. Well, at least it's not for the first time.
Do you remember the man's response? Surprisingly, and shockingly, he didn't say "yes." Instead he started chattering about not being able to get to the water in time to be healed. He only saw one way for healing, and in so doing, closed himself up against believing in Christ's power.


Which begs the question: did he want to get well? He never answered, yet Christ healed him.
I was surprised to read so many people saying they didn't want to be glib about it.

And I totally got the chills with answers like "Absolutely not". I can't even imagine absolutely not believing in God.
I'm never surprised by vague answers about A Force in the universe... it's a nice warm feeling people can have without responsibility to their Maker.. but saying there is definitely no God... wow.. it makes me want to back up and stand speechless.