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Nothing much

May this simply document that this day was, half-assed as I may have lived it. Sometimes average is the default (that's part of how it got to be "average," after all). Baby steps at work, a night off from Community Group, and pretty much not knowing what to do with myself. Lunch with Nate was enjoyable.

Time with coffee and God might have made the day go better. Not much sense in complaining of dryness when I don't go to the well.

Listening to The Lyndsay Diaries for the first time. I like.


i like that you document today, even if it was a "just show up and exist day." usually i just sit at the screen, gaze into my brain, and decide that such a day will remain such a day, not documented by anything let alone my poor dribble.

you prove to me once again, dear Captain: you rock.