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It will be a hard life— one without reward, without remorse, without regret. A path will be placed before you. The choice is yours alone. Do what you think you cannot do. It will be a hard life, but you will find out who you are.

—Qui-Gon Jinn, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Called to the darndest things sometimes. "Counterintuitive" would be a gross understatement. It would also be a bit inaccurate, because, deep down, I saw it coming, almost from the beginning. Paradoxical, that something can be at once forseen yet unexpected. I didn't choose the timing— He did. The move felt easy, natural, right. I suspect it threw the enemy for a loop, and I hope I'm being faithful to Jesus in this. I think I am.

Walked in the mist to work this morning without a jacket. Needed to feel it on my face. It was good.

Neglected to pack my own lunch today, so we'll see what I decide to do about that. The coffee in my stomach is crying out for company.


I love October. We have the most awesome weather this month! Today I was outside talking to a neighbor and it started raining. Randall and I didn't have coats but we hung out for a while anyway, until it really started coming down heavy :)

I just finished reading "Reaching out for the invisible God", by Philip Yancey and he talks a lot about paradox. He says he describes God's style as "ironic". The whole God using the weak things to shame the wise thing. :)
I'm glad you are following his lead. Glad you are sensitive to his will.
Sounds worth checking out. If God's style is ironic, then I've been spending a great deal of time with Him.
My whole life I don't know what quixotic means.
Some days I tilt at windmills.


Oh my gosh... now I'm even more confused!



Dictionary. Or Don Quixote.