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Hurry up and get here

Still Breathing is my movie find of the day. Strongly recommended. If anyone reading this ever repeats that I am enough of a romantic to be moved by this film, I'll vehemently deny it. This conversation never happened. But it was good and spoke to me uniquely in a few ways.

Shaved after my morning shower to rediscover my face. It appears I'm still here. Punctuated my day off with visits to a couple of my favorite places: morning reading and writing at my beloved Victrola, and a lunchtime grinder from Zootie's Cafe ("Zooty-zoot-zoot!"). Been doing a few of the itty bitty annoying things that I've needed to get out of the way for some time, such as follow-up phone calls important to the health of my iBook and Twentieth Anniversary Mac. May get out the shovel and plow through some of my procrastinated finances later today. And I may not.

I'd like to have a big houseplant here, some kind of tree-y thing. Also should get a bar table one of these days (I've procrastinated over two years for the right one). I can just never pick these things out.

For no discernable reason, I'm sensing another player may come to the table soon. And she might just be on my side. I just don't know who she is yet. Not a thing, just a sense that she is (this predated my viewing of Still Breathing by a few hours, but it's probably one of the reasons I was taken by it). I've given up trying to understand.

Tea sounds good right now.

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