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Hurry up and get here

Still Breathing is my movie find of the day. Strongly recommended. If anyone reading this ever repeats that I am enough of a romantic to be moved by this film, I'll vehemently deny it. This conversation never happened. But it was good and spoke to me uniquely in a few ways.

Shaved after my morning shower to rediscover my face. It appears I'm still here. Punctuated my day off with visits to a couple of my favorite places: morning reading and writing at my beloved Victrola, and a lunchtime grinder from Zootie's Cafe ("Zooty-zoot-zoot!"). Been doing a few of the itty bitty annoying things that I've needed to get out of the way for some time, such as follow-up phone calls important to the health of my iBook and Twentieth Anniversary Mac. May get out the shovel and plow through some of my procrastinated finances later today. And I may not.

I'd like to have a big houseplant here, some kind of tree-y thing. Also should get a bar table one of these days (I've procrastinated over two years for the right one). I can just never pick these things out.

For no discernable reason, I'm sensing another player may come to the table soon. And she might just be on my side. I just don't know who she is yet. Not a thing, just a sense that she is (this predated my viewing of Still Breathing by a few hours, but it's probably one of the reasons I was taken by it). I've given up trying to understand.

Tea sounds good right now.


I also just watched a movie with The Cosmos Brought Them Together type themes running through it.... I remember this Still Breathing and I remember being enchanted by it- but I also always feel cheated by a romance story about people that hardly know eachother. I know, of course that the idea is that they were connected at the soul, but I'm the kind of girl who is moved by "childhood sweetheart" stories. But then I have deep issues of mistrust.

heh. :)
Anyway. I don't mean to be contrary.

What is a bar table?
Point well taken. :)

A bar table is a table at which you can sit with bar stools. I bought two cool barstools at a yard sale two years ago, but haven't yet found a table to go with them. Since I have a small kitchen, this would theoretically be where I would eat. Instead, I eat out and on the couch. But I'd still like a cool bar table. I'd feel more settled somehow (instead of having two stools sitting in the corner).


Ya... stools are kinda sad without something to lean on while sitting on one.
If you see something cool (I'm thinking glass and metal), let me know.


heh... I'll let you know. Although I don't make it much to places with furniture.

The Korean market near me has a really cool coffee table, but it's extremely low to the ground and would probably be exactly the opposite of what you're looking for.

ha... but ya- I'll keep my eyes peeled. (figuratively speaking)
Yay for listening to John Mayer! I have nothing more substantive to say...sorry. :)