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Monday morning coffee

Meeting Chad D. for coffee here at Victrola at 08:30. This came about because he still has the keys from locking the church building yesterday, and I realized I failed to take this week's completed comment and prayer request cards with me upon leaving. I hate the thought of failing to respond to or pray for someone's request, particularly because of my neglect. My mistake may be providence, however: I really enjoy him and doubt I'd have taken the initiative to get time with him otherwise.

In Texas, Mike's mother passed away this weekend. Jeff will officiate the funeral. Marybeth was a sweet, unique woman; I'm thankful Mike, Laine, and Kyra Tani were able to be with her so much for her last few months.

Not feeling quite myself, but that may be a good thing. Feeling a little better than myself. Experiencing a familiar mix of confidence and slight detachment: the suspension of fear. Prayers are being answered, I think, and not just my own (honestly, my own prayer life needs to grow and be more disciplined). A part of me longs for retreat. We shall see what lies ahead.
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