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Futility and faith

Just got home. After frantic check-cutting, I remained at the office so that a Sunday evening class beginning tonight could occur, since the instructor doesn't have office or building keys. Tried raising him on his mobile phone, as well as at his home, but no response. When 18:30 rolled around, I had one student and no instructor. By 18:50, I'd tried reaching the instructor again, decided to release the poor lonely student to her evening, and headed home soon afterward.

That's objectively frustrating, but subjectively, it's just not bothering me. I did what I needed to do to be faithful and made some progress in the meantime. Sometimes I must simply release my circumstances into God's hands. It's a principle I can apply elsewhere in my life, perhaps.

A random bit: Ben, the editor of the tiny zine in which I was recently published, informs me that I've a secret admirer from the readership ("if you receive flowers one day, you'll know why"). Shocking and flattering, since A) it's only been out two weeks or so, and 2) I haven't knowingly had a secret admirer in many years (and I only learned of that one posthumously).

And I forgot to watch or tape Smallville. Poo.

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