Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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Pity party

everyday i fall down.

—Written in chalk on a building wall in the 1100 block of E. Pine

Not doing so great. Didn't have a good night after company last night and awoke wanting little more than to remain curled up in a ball. Nothing awful has happened; I'm just pretty wiped out and not doing a good job of being disciplined enough to be otherwise.

Last night before Enterprise my father called: my folks are in Seattle and want to spend time together. I'd love to as well, but some advance notice would have been a help. Haven't seen them since Christmas. Since retirement, my parents spend a fair amount of the year travelling the country in an RV. They tried to visit before, toward the end of the Year of Hell, but had to stop short and turn around when my grandfather died. Thankfully, things aren't quite as busy this week as last, so I should be able to spend time with them. Unfortunately, there goes my much-needed downtime (this also means no Jason Harrod/Shannon Stephens show for me this weekend).

This morning I was to have a meeting with my ex-pastor to go over financial loose ends. Simply haven't had time to prepare, much less have the meeting, so I had to postpone. He still came by and we had obligatory good-yet-awkward conversation. Love him, but also need our church to be free of involvement with him.

Also learned this morning that an important e-mail I sent Tuesday went somewhere into the internet void instead of to its target. I've tried resending this morning and hope it reaches him— "radio silence" from my end at this point must have been most discouraging. The enemy is working overtime.

Community Group tonight, at least on schedule. Nate sent me an e-mail saying he's feeling sick and may not attend. I'd like to cancel, but don't have everyone's contact info. May be another "suck it up" moment. We're studying the Psalms, so I may be able to apply my time in Psalm 13 to impromptu leadership.

Not a bad start for a prayer list or a pity party. Trying to choose the former. Just wish life would slow down.

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