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Poetry and goodness

But I trust in Your unfailing love;
   my heart rejoices in Your salvation.
I will sing to the Lord,
   for He has been good to me.

—Psalm 13:5-6

Since I'll be working until 21:00 or later tonight, I took the morning off. Blessed with cool, gray rain and good coffee.

I'm now published in issue #3 (summer 2002) of touchstone ink. Got my advance copy yesterday. It's a fun design this quarter: typed on a manual 1960s typewriter, the sheets are paperclipped together and "bound" in a Pee-Chee® All Season Portfolio. Four of the five poems I submitted were selected: "Open Window Romance" (which opens the issue), "Driving North," "John 8:32," and "Hypotenuse" (which closes the issue).

The strangest thing so far about being published is "being a poet." Since I've only really done any dabbling since May, it's not a way I'm used to thinking of myself. Met the editor's family yesterday and they complimented my work; it's the first time I've ever met people who had only read my poetry before actually meeting me. LiveJournal is different, since it really is, by and large, my journal. It's a whole instead of pieces, certainly not intended to be art.

God is being good to me, as if that were even a question. But it is a question, no less so for people of faith. Psalm 13 portrays the cycle succinctly. Think I'll be spending lots of time there.

The sun and the clouds are battling outside. No mystery who I'm rooting for.


There are
a thousand things
I don't pretend,
and a million things
I do.

I love these lines.
That's so great that you have these published!

And I totally agree with you about the weather. It was so perfect today that I mostly just sat watching it in delight.
Ah, it continues to be beautiful, wonderful Seattle. Great day to have off, don't you think?

The lines you liked were actually written before the rest of that poem. Every once in a while I'll have a phrase (like that one) that hits me, and I try to write it down and keep it as a seed for something down the road. I'm glad that one grew.


It is gorgeous... and the perfect day off. I actually like this so much better than having a Saturday off or something.
It's like having a secret because everyone else has to work!