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"They say this one has a surprise ending."

"Your fantasy will come true."
"You will make exciting holiday plans."

—My two Jones Soda bottle caps from this evening

Community Group was relaxed, quieter now that Sara is gone. John joined us again after a year's absence; Randall came to us from his now-disbanded group. The presence of two bald men made me feel positively...less bald. "Besides," I tell myself, "my receding hairline is dead sexy, in a Bruce Willis sort of way."

Speaking of, I'm winding down to Unbreakable in the background. The story is powerful, with a resonant, somehow comforting chord for me. We are each called to use our gifts faithfully.

Two phone calls today from two precious friends, concerned for my heart. The love they show me is abundant and undeserved. That's the nature of love. I am blessed, and I assured each that I will be OK. I am in good hands. We all are. And perhaps we will all be OK.


Mmmmmm Jones Soda. What flavor?
Cream Soda. Yum.
I haven't had a Jones Soda in ages. A trip to 7-11 might be in order. :)

P.S. - Hi, I'm Kara.
Never a bad time to be jonesin' for a Jones. Welcome to my journal, Kara.
i like it. i kinda tastes like cotten candy.
Your first paragraph was rather eerie to read, as I am Sarah, my husband is John and my son is Randall. I had to read it a few times to make sure you weren't teasing me somehow!
I quite enjoyed 'Unbreakable'. It seems like not so many movies have real heroes anymore.
Hey, think of it as dead sexy in a Jean-Luc Picard sort of way. When he said "Engage!" people listened... Rwor.


A) It hasn't gotten that bad yet...
2) If it does, I'll (of course) consider it more Ben Sisko-esque.