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I haven't written in some time, so let's get up to speed on all that has changed in the past few weeks:

1) I quit my job. Being asked to consider leaving is a telltale sign, so when it happened to me, I paid attention (the sign said "exit," by the way). Lots of politics and ugliness, but this happens. After July 1, I'm gainfully unemployed. I have a few loose ends to tie up at work, but I also have vacation days stocked up, so I'm close to freedom.

2) My grandfather died. He passed away on June 5 in the night, and he was my last surviving grandparent. I went home to Iowa for the funeral and to be with my family, whom I hadn't seen in almost two years. I also got to meet my nephew for the first time.

3) My best friends, Christopher and Sara, moved away. To Madison, WI, to be exact. Sara really wanted to move back to the midwest and got a job transfer there. I have many other good friends in Seattle, but it's still lonely.

Not a good month for stability or peace thus far. An old pastor of mine would call this "a great day for faith," and I believe he's right. I just need more, I think. Perhaps that's what this is about.

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