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"It's been a long road..."

The day has been characterized by reflection and fatigue. Doubt I'm alone in this. Work was Men's Prayer, Staff Meeting, and a few administrative odds and ends. Headed home after noon and slept a couple of hours by necessity— simply couldn't stay awake any longer. Now my batteries are somewhat recharged and I will likely be up late into the night with thoughts that won't slow.

Connor is back and we're enjoying a return to Enterprise night, complete with Olympic Pizza. Now that he's a vegeterian, we're up to two pizzas. Good to see him again and catch up on his summer and his life. Gave him some highlights of my own, though taci will need to fill in a blank or two for him in time.

In other news, I'm being published. Sounds like at least two of my poems, and possibly up to five, have been accepted to a zine a friend is putting together. Circulation is small but national. Not a turn I ever expected.

P.S. The "thirsty" mood icon is pretty creepy. Ew.


No you're not alone in that! I came home this afternoon and slept almost 4 hours! And now I'm up late, like you. Not much I have to do tomorrow though. Congrats on being published.

PS- Get your creepy mood guy to put his tongue back in his mouth!
Your mood guy is pretty creepy... he's like a dead person who wants to eat my face off.

er. something.

Yay for getting published!!! Is it something local that I could get a copy of??
congratulations about being published, I assume you'll post a link when the 'zine goes to print?


It's print only just now. Would be cool to have a web presence though!
Wow, congratulations! I told you you didn't write bad poetry, you twit.