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My days off are often spent predominantly in solitude, but today was a welcome change. Took a detour on my usual morning Victrola trip for a more full breakfast at The Bagel Deli. After a bit of reading and writing, Bret (my former upstairs neighbor) stopped by my table and we talked for much of the morning. He's always been an easy guy to talk with: a genuine thinker, even though our views of the world differ wildly in some places. Got to see his new place on the fourth floor, and I may make a point to stop up on my days off sometimes.

Afternoon brought face time with musicismath, overcast, and sillypilgrim. Blessed that I've been able to meet so many wonderful friends from LiveJournal in person, and today certainly added to that blessing. After coffee and sandwich time at Victrola (it's a landmark, if a warm one today), we walked down 15th to Volunteer Park. One of the wonderful things about being with photographers is that they are caught by visual beauty I often overlook. Thoroughly enjoyed the time and the laughter (not to mention the photos of Ireland!).

Expect to spend some time checking out taci's new home and catching up later this evening. Good.


I'm glad you enjoyed meeting us- we enjoyed meeting you!

It was amazing to just wander around without having to think about the time!

Good laughs- good coffee...

I just realized that I didn't actually get pictures of you guys- which is so not like me! I'll have to bring my camera when we go hang out with ol' Jason. :) heh heh.


Yeah, and pick a good wine. I still need to make/finalize my plans. I suck at committment when it comes to social functions.



I don't know wine... I'm good at being whiney, but I wouldn't know a good wine if it spilled in my lap and ruined my favorite pants.

I could bring some beer :)

thanks for showing us around! :-) i shall post pictures soon.


Awesome to meet you!
I envy this meeting!!