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Second wind, or after

Going to take me a while to wind down. Just got home from a long, largely productive day at the office. Being at the Session meeting should help me with a clearer sense of what's going on at the church, which will improve matters overall at work. Having some virtual company part of the day helped make working long a breeze.

So now what do I do? Maybe tiredness will catch up with me, but I kind of doubt it. Relearning my capabilities and limits daily. I think they're changing, too. And I might just like it.


Your mood icons crack me up!!! I mean I know you are chipper, but that bump on your head doesn't look too comfortable!! heh! Glad you had a good day!!!!! ~el

PS Those "!!!!" were placed here special, just for YOU! *wink*



A good day, but now what? I think I may be moving beyond chipper to hyper...