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Just home. God has found many ways to extend His lovingkindness to me today. A few:
  • Smooth volunteer service at both morning services. It's such a relief.
  • A quick scoot out to Victrola during first service for a latté and pan au chocolat. Felt like skipping class.
  • At the memorial service, Brian and Amanda brought me pizza and Coke for lunch, since they knew I hadn't been able to leave. I was almost brought to tears (and let them come moments later when I was alone)— personal kindness is unexpected and overwhelms me.
  • Bumping into Chris (the Victrola co-owner) and discussing the ins and outs of good casseroling ("Bac-o's to taste").
  • At the prayer service, praying with Dan, Cyris, and Alisa. We all sat on the floor: Cyris sat cross-legged at his wife's feet; Alisa sat with her legs extended, crossed at the ankle. As our heads were bowed, I peeked to see that as Alisa prayed, Cyris laid both his hands on her lower leg. That's the picture of marriage I want, the one I want if I ever marry— a submissive leader, at his wife's feet, being so gently, intimately present with her as she prays. That's loving as Christ loves the church. I teared up again.
  • Walking home with the cool wind caressing my legs, my arms, my face, seeing the afterglow of a sunset over the bay. The city lights twinkled as the remains of daylight burst through a rip in the clouds over the Olympics.
  • Finding an unexpected bit of care in my e-mail, left for me to find when I got home (by now, you can guess my response).


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