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Review of the heart

Got my time at Victrola in the early evening yesterday. The place is quieter by then. As I stood in line, I felt fingernails brush along my back: Jen, one of the owners, was stopping through and saying hello. Definitely a friendship developing there (and with her husband as well); she touched my arm as we spoke, then scooted out for the evening. It felt good to be so personally, specifically welcome. I want more of that in my life.

Had intended to do some reading and writing there, but got caught up in a trip down memory lane instead. Still so much of the past few months that doesn't fit neatly into a box, so much I can't fully put to rest. That gives me caution, which is probably good for everyone. Someone told me yesterday that if I said I was all sorted, they wouldn't believe me anyway. Wise.

Huge workday ahead: after I finish my tea and this entry, I'm off to church. Two services, then a memorial service, then a prayer service. Don't expect to return until sometime after 20:00 unless something changes. These are the days I'm glad I'm single because of the freedom it affords me, and the days I wish I weren't, because coming home to love would be wonderful beyond words.

That got to me. I should go.

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