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Bartering for poetry

Just home from the office. In some ways, working on a Saturday was a welcome, mind-numbing diversion from too much thinking and feeling. No substitute, however, for true rest.

On the way to the bank, a large bearded man offered to sell me a photocopied booklet of his poetry. Said "no thanks," but thought better of it on the way back. His asking price was five dollars; I only had three, but we agreed and I walked away with his collected works. Haven't yet taken the time to read them. Even if I don't like them, I'm glad to have sought the hidden treasures. That's what my life needs to be like.



That is really neat-o :) busking poetry instead of music cool
what was your 9-year career in higher education ?? i'm curious


I was a residence hall director for eight years, and director of a residence life department for one year (the Year of Hell). The last year aside, I had a very rewarding career and still reap the benefits daily.

another not post related

So my friend and I are officially going to see Jason Harrod on the 21st.... will you be there?

We will, unfortunately, be late because that's the night she flies in, but the guy on the phone was really cool about it- plus it's close to the airport.


Re: another not post related

I'm definitely thinking about going– I haven't seen Shannon (Stephens) perform since April, and it's always a joy.

Looking forward to time with you and musicismath Tuesday!

Re: another not post related

YAY for Tuesday!

If you decide to go, you should decide soon because the guy I talked to mentioned it was a very small show (like 40 people). But it's also only 10$.