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Wired and tired

A bit out of it, though the day has held its share of highlights and good conversations. Wish I felt like I could write it better.

Increasingly drawn— not against my will but beyond it— to focus on battlefield priorities, to shore up defenses and strike at the critical points. Vigilance, diligence, timing. God grant us courage, strength, faith, hope. And love, love most of all, that we may do what love requires.

Community Group was a farewell to Sara, who moves to Portland this week, and a welcome to Grace, who recently moved to Capitol Hill. Sara will be missed dearly, but I'm already excited by what Grace might bring to our lives. She seems sharp, witty, humble, and genuine. Even if nothing else were good, Dawn's fantastic blackberry tart would have redeemed the evening.

Still wound up, about nothing I can put my finger on.


I know someone named Glory who is sharp, witty, humble and genuine.

It'd be cool if they knew each other :)
Then they'd be Grace and Glory... that would be cool!


That's what I meant :)


I know. I just wanted to say something ;)
Don't make me separate you two...


Oh we're being friendly, don't worry. We rarely argue, even for pretend. :)


Well, if it continues, I'll turn this journal around right now and we'll all go home.


Say it ain't so!