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Gratefully used

One of our church members passed away early this morning after a battle with lymphoma. This is the second death in our church's five-year history. He was a young man, private, with many people who cared about him very much. He will be missed here, but he is not lost. He is simply home.

Worked a few extra hours today; thankfully God used the time to iron out the bulk of the administrative details necessary for Sunday's memorial service. He's looking out for us, and I pray that our remembrances will honor and celebrate how He's shown us His love and His glory through this young man's life.

After Men's Prayer, I went to Zeena's for breakfast with Matt. Hadn't been there since the Year of Hell, yet the waiter still remembered me. Time spent with Matt was a blessing: it felt like the beginning of what might become a good friendship, and talking with him led me to an epiphany about some of the struggles faced by members of our church just now. I love when He does things like that.

So I'm feeling "large and in charge" on the work front (thought it's not in my power and I'm not all caught up), and other matters, responsibilities, and relationships are at least as much a part of my life at the moment. It's full and good and crazy and complicated. I hope I'm being used by Him, and I hope I'm being faithful.

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