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But she could play a mean tambourine...

Late night grocery run: a stroll down the frozen foods aisle revealed this, which may be one of the more disturbing developments in postmodern pop culture and mass merchandising. I'll be checking the cereal aisle for Yoko Ono's Nutty Flakes next.

Wet pavement at night is one of my favorite things in this world.


but esspecially the sound of footsteps in the dark on wet pavement.
I completely agree. What a beautiful thing.
So what do you look like??? They mystery must end.

Someday you should IM me or something and find out. Until then, please just assume I'm dead sexy. Not that that's true.


I can be ev-il too...

Let's see.. you're 4'9" tall, 10 inch sandy blond afro, handle bar mustache and you like to wear golf pants and platform shoes.

Seriously, if this really described you that would be perfectly okay :)

*ahem* I don't think I can win here. Well, you'll have to show your face on Tuesday, so there.
Hi! :)
I'm sillypilgrim's sister, and was wandering through.
Um, so Linda McCartney is dead right? That is totally creepy.
Dead and vegetarian, though not in that order.


Yeah, what is vegetarian chicken anyway?


I don't know, but I hear it tastes like...chicken.

(sorry, couldn't resist)


I'll forgive you.... this time ;)