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Dancing lessons

"Don't you think, Mr. Hyde, that a lady who dances can go to heaven?"

"I do not see how a lady can go to heaven unless she dances."

—John Hyde (as quoted by E. G. Carre in Praying Hyde)

Yesterday I unknowingly wore two completely different socks: different colors, different patterns. I laughed when I saw them on the bed after taking them off.

The wedding was beautiful and fun. Going to a wedding alone is not on my list of favorite things to do, yet I stayed much longer that I usually do and enjoyed the celebration. It was nice.

It occurs to me that, on the whole, I have much more trouble celebrating than I do facing the tragedies of this life. Attending a funeral alone would be perfectly normal, but weddings and parties are difficult. Simply hard. If God sends me a helper one day, she will help me celebrate. And I pray that I can help her be strong.

Today was quite restful. By and large, I've enjoyed how I've spent it. It's how days off ought to be.

The rain felt good.


when i was a child i went through an "artist" stage - i always wore mismatched socks. i think it's fabulous! we should all do it more often. (smile)
I'm glad you had a restful day. :)

Guess who's coming to Seattle? No, not me. Someday, but probably not soon. Jason Harrod's coming to Seattle! Hahaha.

Madison House Concert Series
20603 6th Ave. SW
Seattle, WA
7:00 pm
w/ Shannon Stephens (does she go to your church?)

507 15th Ave. NE
Seattle, WA 98101
9:00 pm
w/ Danny Kelly

You should go see him if you can. You can even tell him I sent you. ;)


Hopvine is about two blocks from my apartment. And Shannon is a dear friend of mine (she had my job before me). This should be fun.



I love small world stuff. It's so much fun. :)
My friend is visiting from Iowa that weekend and L O V E S Jason Harrod!

She's going to faint when I tell her!!
Our social calendars seem to be aligning. Spooky. Hopvine is a block from Victrola (if that's the show you're thinking about). I don't know the other venue yet, but if y'all go to it, I'll be sure you meet Shannon. She's great.


Unfortunately, I think she's leaving on the 26th, so we'd have to go to the show on the 21st... I just emailed my friend to see if she's up for it since that's the day she flies in.
She's probably jumping up and down in her chair at work right now.
I will definitely let you know if we plan to go.

So you're an expert at everything from embryos to empires...

Mmmmmmmmmmm....Jason Harrod.

We used to swoon at those boys when I was early in college. Even still I was listening to Dreams of the Color Blind in the car this afternoon. Haven't experienced Jason's solo work yet though. Let me know when he comes to southern California. :-)
tell Jason that he needs to come to Chicago!

but he already is!

Y'all know he does have a website, right?
www.jasonharrod.com. It's got concert information and everything. And you can get signed up on his mailing list there. ;)

And he is coming to the Chicago area again. He was just there in Wheaton a couple weeks ago. But he'll be back again next month.

Wheaton College Homecoming
Pierce Chapel
Wheaton College
Wheaton, IL