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Peace creeps in

Dinner was determined by an expiring 50¢ coupon: a large popcorn chicken combo from KFC. That should fill my fried food quota for the next week or so.

Can't believe my life. Can't believe I'm typing on a computer that fits on my lap, with a color screen shining bright light onto my face. Can't believe I made it to the future, this future. Still so lost.

The laundry is drying. High Fidelity is comforting. So are friends. So is God. But I still wonder. I still wonder why I'm here.


yes I liked that movie also. speaking of KFC they are building a new one near me that is 1/2 KFC and 1/2 A&W root beer do you find this a strange combination we have lots of KFC/tacobells but this is a new one to me