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sometimes the truck brakes down
  but we still believe in God

—Erin L. Shafkind (caption to her photograph "They Work Really Hard")

Spent the morning with The Dismemberment Plan and Jane Monheit. The way she sings, I'm sure she loves me.

Today's line at Victrola stretches to the front door. There's relative quiet in my corner: surrounded by single people reading, studying, and sketching. Jerry Diamond plays the same Saturday tunes on the piano. A bit father away, emphatic tones of unengaging righteous indignation hint at an all-too-common style of conversation. How does the "listening" party keep her eyes from rolling all the way back inside her head from sheer boredom? Such was my limitation in academia.

Had a silly anxiety dream about work last night, as if that should be the most pressing thing on my psyche. "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." There will be office time today, nothing too taxing. I'm as far behind as ever, but unwilling to be insane about it.

Meg called, wants to be social. I don't, but should. I'm an ass sometimes.

Need to do laundry. Want my laundry to simply be done.

Feeling conflicted, distant from God, "a double-minded man, unstable in all he does" (James 1:8). You'd think I'd know better, or do better. Glad my salvation isn't up to me. Yet there's work to be done in my life and I'm dragging my heels. I'm weak. Why don't I trust enough to wait on/hope in Him? Remembering last night's conversation– she hit the nail on the head.

The studying woman in front of me wears cutoff corduroys and has an unshaven patch on her lower left leg. Just a strip, like some kind of experimental hair garden (a phrase which would also be a good name for a band). Victrola's six-inch-thick mother dictionary sits to her right. The plate she eats from matches a set in my cupboard.

I miss parts of my life I never had.


I found an ad for Victrola in The Stranger... it said-
Hey Queers!
Have your first date at Victrola.

The funniest part to me was that very bottom in small letters
Hooking up homos since 1991
And you're next.

You've probably seen this before... but it totally cracked me up for some reason.

You think Experimental Hair Girl has been shopping in your kitchen?
Thankfully(?), the ad is for The Stranger's personals– they're just using Victrola as a prize.

That sounds like a great pick up line: "Hey baby...been shopping in my kitchen?"

Or an innuendo: "Looks like somebody's been shopping in my kitchen...heh heh..."

How was the wedding? I have one to attend tomorrow night,


Oh right... an ad for the personals. Yes, somehow I knew that.

Her having your dishes is certainly a better way to strike up conversation than "noticed the unshaven patch on your leg... an particular reason?"
Although from experience, I can tell you that patch is probably in her "blind spot".

The wedding was wonderful.. I'll have to post about it. Is the wedding your attending for someone close to you? Those are always more interesting.
It's always funny for me to see the dishes that match my own in the motley array at Victrola. Postmodern, I suppose.

Could be her "blind spot." If so, she's had it for a while...

Wedding is of church friends: not especially close, yet I'm somehow looking forward to it. This is strange for me.


Okay, this is off topic, but musicismath is coming up to Seattle and we thought Tuesday the 10th would be a good day to get together for coffee and such...
So let me know what a good time is for you and we'll probably all just meet you there at Victrola if that suites you.
Sounds great!

Since it's my day off, anytime will work for me. And of course, the location does, too. :)

I think Victrola may have live music that evening. I'll check.


YAY! Fun :)

I'll keep you posted (er, no pun intended).


The Jose Gonzales Trio (Latin Jazz/Be Bop) is playing at Victrola that evening at 8. I've never gone to see them, but they're regular players, so someone must love 'em.

I'm available that whole day, though, so whatever works for y'all will be fun for me.


It will probably be between noon and 3... I'm free all day and I think Chris is too... so we're mostly going on my nephews least maniacal hours :)

He's one years old.

Maybe you should give me your phone number.