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TGIF indeed

The Capitol Hill Caffé Vita is the Coyote Ugly of coffee shops. It's around the corner from my office, so I often pick up a latté and scone from there on the way to work.

Administratively frustrated, and although most of the annoyances are my own direct fault, I (of course) focus on the ones from others instead. Someone assumed leadership of a project I've been working with for a couple of months, then when I asked him if he'd done any scheduling for the project for September or if he wanted me to, he said "go ahead, not my job." Since the first Sunday in the month is this Sunday, that's a little short notice. To top it off, once I start scheduling (cc'ing him), he writes back with his thoughts on how it could be done. I don't appreciate that kind of leadership in administrative processes— either you have the ball or I have the ball (or, if we discussed it, we have the ball).

Is it a big deal? No. Am I grousing? Yes. Will everything be fine? Yes. Should I just shut up? Probably so.

Should get back to the grind. TGIF.

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