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Taskus interruptus

"It seems too good to be true."
"Nay, it is just so good, it must be true!"

—George MacDonald, to his son regarding the prophets' version of heaven and the end of all things

First visit back at the Blue Willow Tea House since returning from vacation— I'm quite looking forward to my Earl Grey tea and dharma rolls (which just arrived).

Seth stopped by the office, looking for tapes I hadn't yet made, all while I was working on another project. Interruptions, especially repeated ones (he's asked about them daily this week), make me grumpy. Then he wanted to talk about boundaries and pursuing friendships, and I slowly— too slowly— realized that the true reason for his persistence was likely fellowship and conversation. I'm a bit thick sometimes. Need to create more margin in my work: I think God would like to use me in more ways than simply checking off a to-do list, but I haven't been leaving room for Him to do so. Time to practice what I've been preaching.

Community Group tonight. Will be good to catch up (ended up missing last week's Green Lake outing).

Love watching them set up for high tea here.

Also need to send off my dead hard drive and some bills this afternoon. Scatteredness takes a toll on the maintenance tasks of everyday living.

Glad there's leftover pizza in the fridge.
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