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Walk in the clouds

The top of the Space Needle was missing yesterday morning. Engulfed by mist, the structure rose until it simply vanished into the clouds, a modern Jack's beanstalk poking into the giant's realm. I've been blessed with another cool, gray morning today.

Thought I might work today, considering how far behind I feel, but thus far, I just can't. My energy is gone, used up. I'm only drained, though— not despondent. This can be a day for my Lord, my friends, and me.

Jen at Victrola greeted me with a "where have you been?" and a hug. It is a good thing to be missed and a better thing to be home. Must confess, was a bit frustrated to find a needy church member camped at Victrola, hoping to see me. All she wanted was conversation, yet that wasn't a gift I wanted to give. Seeing with Jesus' eyes is beyond me: struggled with wanting her to not be there so that I could rest. Invested my time and attention, but not my heart.

My computer woes grow more dire by the moment. The main computer's hard drive is apparently giving up the ghost. I hope that a reformat can resurrect it, since all utilities have failed.

So many are in the forge now. I am concerned. The fire is refining us into who we are to be, I pray.

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