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Disruptive reminders

Somewhere along the line, I forgot how offensive Jesus is. Good to be reminded— it's not a long road between forgetting that and forgetting who He really is. May I never, ever try to sand off His rough edges or add two spoonfuls of my own sugar to make the gospel go down smoothly.

A few years ago I wrote an account from the perspective of Judas Iscariot, entertaining the idea that he decided to betray Jesus out of disappointment, pragmatism, and dedication to the cause he believed He represented. We are each greedy for more and subtler things than thirty pieces of silver.

His offensiveness got Him hung on a tree, a death of unique and prophetic disgrace and accursedness. He was an equal opportunity offender, and so He should be. Fear for anyone who doesn't have their world shaken by Him. He is scandalous, yet it is somehow a scandal of grace and hope.

Painfully aware of how poorly I'm communicating with others. Over and over I confuse and frustrate those I speak with, unable to trace my thoughts clearly enough for their understanding. Likewise, I fail to grasp where they're coming from. If it were an isolated individual or incident, I'd let it slide like water off a duck's back. But the torrent has continued for days, and I'm no duck. Makes my longing for a simple, direct, deep, wordless connection all the stronger. I want to be able to cheat at relating with people, or at least use a shortcut.

Does knowing there's a shortcut make taking the long road harder?

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