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Hampster dance

Always assumed that small rodents are blissfully unaware of the futility of their effort when they run and run inside the little wheels in their cages. Today I envy them. Not only does catching up seem impossible, but even the possibility of finishing anything looks elusive. Want twice as much time and the discipline to use it well.

Lunch is simply a chicken sandwich, applesauce, and a cream soda. Been spending far too much money. Dinner will be much the same (turkey instead of chicken) with Community Group at a Green Lake outing this evening. Looking forward to catching up with them and relaxing a bit.

Spritual attack is pressing my church (Presbyterians don't often say such things). It's clear to me, when I see clearly, that the oppression I've been experiencing and giving into in my own life is part of a larger, more sinister design. You'd think that realization would change me more than it has. Still self-centered and small.

I need.
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