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Workin' in a coal mine

This marks my first LJ entry from work, which means I've found yet another way to take the edge off the boredom which drops by my office almost every mid-afternoon. Other than chairing a staff meeting, the biggest excitement of the day was a massive, inadvertent spam by a young Asian international student. She was well meaning, as she posted some info on rape and sexual assault she thought was important, but somehow she managed to use our Exchange server to blanket many corners of the Seattle metro area. Worse by far are the morons who "reply to all" to comment, complain, or ask to be removed. Regardless, someone is going to get to spend some serious time considering the university's computer use policy.

Why is it crappy on weekends and sunny on weekdays? I'm not a sun-worshipper, mind you, but this is just plain silly. The rule in Seattle winters should be that if it's actually sunny, everyone gets the day off, and when it's rainy, we all drudge into work.

OK, I don't really like that rule all that much, but it seemed witty 30 seconds ago.
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