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Now that's good coffee!

But God has shown me that I should not call any man impure or unclean...I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation who fear Him and do what is right.

—Peter (Acts 10:28, 34-35)

Finally back at my beloved Victrola. I've been too long absent from truly good coffee and an atmosphere that feels like home. One of the baristas, Kathy, and I had a discussion about North Carolinian coffee misconceptions (e.g. the number of shots and the size of the drink are not related variables). She had her worst cup of coffee there; I can relate. The hospitality more than made up for the difference, but good coffee is still good coffee.

Reading in Acts and am only now beginning to understand the deep significance of God's declaring unclean food clean to Peter. He reveals as He will, in His time, by His Spirit. What grace.

I should be working, I really should. Some things inside me are taking a while to return to my normal life (oxymoron). Spent most of yesterday in my darkened apartment, not even eating until after 20:00. Getting out today is a good step forward; I feel better and better. Next time I go on an adventure, I'll be sure to leave more buffer time before and after, if possible. Learning my abilities also means learning my limits.


you see, this is why we offered no coffee. we knew we couldn't live up to the standard.
Good to play to your strengths. I've no complaints.

(Besides, the coffee in question was in Wilmington– standard Starbucks, neither good nor bad– and Winston-Salem– an abomination of the art, served at Borders.)
you're such a coffee snob. *wink* hahahaha.
My standards are exactring but quite fair.
It was way too hot today.

What kind of a coffee drinker are you? Have I already asked you this? I always want to know what people drink, so I may have interogated you already...
I'm keen on the coffee subject.
I haven't yet been interrogated: my standard is a tall nonfat latté. I get the tall because I like it in the cup, not the glass. Something about the shape, the weight, the clink on the saucer. Drip coffee is best enjoyed black. Iced drinks and flavor shots (carmel is my first pick, usually) are good for mixing it up a bit.
Usually, if men know anything about coffee, they drink it black. Otherwise, they drink mochas if they know nothing.
If they're a fireman or policemen, they often drink nonfat vanilla... which is strange because that's a typical woman drink. I get a lot of firemen and policemen.
But I also live in an area where everyone likes extra sweet drinks. I actually get people who are like "can I get the caffiene without that coffee taste?" and I'm like "MOVE OUT OF THIS STATE!"
er... I don't actually say that... but ... well, you know.
It's the kind of place where when people ask for cappuccinos, I make sure they know it's a lot of foam. "No, I will not make you that iced".

My personal favorite flavor is hazelnut. I like drip coffee very strong with cream and sugar because I'm not very manly at all :)
I've never been to the east coast, but in the midwest I found coffee to be treated like tea- weak. It drove me nuts. When I can taste what you clean your machine with, it's WAY too weak.

Uh.. sorry.. heh...
You're the first to ever be interested in my coffee drinking, so I've no idea why you're apologizing! ;)

Probably best for you not to be too manly. A good thing.

I'll do some kind of flavor maybe 20% of the time (or less). Office coffee is to be rich and smooth, hearty but not so solid as to no longer require a container.

And I occasionally enjoy tea (including Earl Grey, hot– of course).


Gosh, I should have recommended Port City Java in Wilmington. That's my fav coffee place! I like Mochas and Chai's- both iced or hot. If I'm feeling manly I'll mix them together. Nah, just kidding!


Ah, that would have been fun to try (PCJ, not the manly mixing). My next NC trip needs to have much more time as well as better coffee. The former may enable the latter.


I was apologizing for getting on my soap box :)

I totally agree with you on the office coffee...
and tea is good- just so long as no one puts tea and coffee in the same category. I mean- they're both beverages and all.. but.. well, you know.

I once had coffee from Hungry- the way I made it (because of the instructions on the bag) was by boiling water in a pot and then pouring the coffee in. Everyone ended up with grounds in their cup, but it tasted so earthy- almost like dirt- that it seemed right to have a little crunching. It was actually really good stuff.