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Free radical

Got to see Jeff preach for the first time this morning. He's good. It was also refreshing to be able to simply worship on Sunday rather than to string together all the details and patch up all the holes. Jeff's church is more churchy than mine, yet that has a certain charm as well. They love him. We do too.

Little else of note today. One-on-one time with people has been precious and rare-- I wish there were more. Before she left, Kyra Tani shared special smiles, growls, and laughs with me, her "tito." Little wonder I should have a special connection with Mike and Laine's daughter. I want this world to be good for her.

The deep sadness visits me from time to time. I have the rich safety and comfort of being among old friends, but I am the free radical in this molecule. There is much about me most of them never knew, and I have probably changed the most of any of us


Free radicals!
That was partially for the amusement of you and Dawn.
i feel so cool :)