Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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Relaxed exhaustion and connected places

Relaxation, oddly, is bringing a measure of exhaustion. We haven't been that busy, but I often find myself quite tired. Think it may be the effects of the past couple of months catching up with me now that I am in something other than survival mode. No complaint here, just tired.

Returned to the University of Houston campus for the first time in nearly a decade. For my friends there may have been some nostalgia; for me, the feelings are more profound. I grow connected with places, and this one is a huge part of my life. Inside, I just wanted to run through the campus in excitement and walk through it somberly all at the same time.

Within ten minutes of being on campus, I found myself in my old offices, giving impromptu advice to the current Speaker of the Senate (my 91-92 position). Within half an hour, I was being approached for directions by a visitor. UH is still very much my campus, apparently.

Laine told me she refers to me as her best friend from college. I was honored and surprised.

My thoughts are running deeper than I can track, though likely in familiar paths.

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