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Glory to the Giver

And so we will serve God by believing his promise of fullest joy and walking by that faith. We will not serve by trying to put our power at his disposal for his good, but by doing what is necessary so that his power will be ever at our disposal through prayer. "Ask and you will receive!" So we serve by the power that comes through prayer, when we serve for the glory of God.

—John Piper, Desiring God

Enjoying Earl Grey at home this morning. I should begin more of my mornings in quiet and prayer like this one. My discipline has been poor for some time, yet God calls me gently and irresistably to Himself. I am grateful, and hopeful.

Good day yesterday. Oddly, we had yet another family from Honolulu join us at church (this time they're new residents staying at the Navy Lodge in Marysville)— I'm wondering if I missed a memo. taci made me a breakfast bagel. Blanche brought me homemade raspberry jam. Matthew and I had a brief, caring moment. Later in the day, I got to speak with expressedinword and with onesamtwo. It will be good to see them, along with romanaurora, melissa52677, dawn11476, and (hopefully) valleyjezreel in my North Carolina adventure next week(!).

Dave will probably be back in the office today; I've missed him. Have a ton to accomplish before taking off for Houston on Thursday. I hope I can be less scattered, but either way, I can't rely on myself. My Shepherd will supply my need.

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