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I love You, O Lord, my strength.

—David (Psalm 18:1)

Feeling as if I have my wits about me a bit more for the moment— if only for a moment and if only a bit. No sense in wasting precious energy wondering if this repreive is passing or permanent; better to enjoy this respite in gratitude, a spirit which may well carry me through the next valley.

Read more about David and his mighty men tonight. Surprised to find that Uriah the Hittite— husband of Bathsheba, whom David ordered killed— was counted among the Thirty (2 Samuel 23:39). This says much of the connectedness of David's life, of the extent of sin's influence, and of the depth of God's grace. Something to pray about.

Ceiling fans have been installed at Victrola. This is a very, very good thing.

Friends Matt and Bob also dropped by Victrola this evening. Matt is hiking Rainier with his father and brother in a couple of weeks. Jenny and Wesley also did this a couple weeks ago. Wonder what it would be like to pursue a goal like that. I'm sure it's an amazing journey, and certainly one that takes much preparation.

How am I being prepared, and for what journey? Who will be my companions?

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