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Been unwilling or unable to write much lately. Scattered, and I think I may be doing it to myself, to keep myself from thinking/feeling something. A vague sense of foreboding tickles the fringe of my heart and mind. Until it is born, I may be able to do little more than wait. Or I may be trying to keep that sense from becoming something fully formed, something I have to face or run from.

My birth required induced labor. Even then, I wonder if there was something I didn't want to face. Little wonder that my intuition and my very soul struggle with the same tendency.

Music is powerful. Always has been.

Let me be faithful, whatever comes.


A lot of "what-ifs"
could've formed a "not-at-all"
but they fell aside at the moment of your birth.
Screaming and bloody you entered the world,
battling into it with blue eyes and sparking soul.
Facing life, you pronounced it.

I never want to leave my womb either.

Well, it always helps me to bake homemade chocolate chip cookies when I'm trying to avoid something. Somehow, it helps to clear the mind. ;o)

Praying for you, dear.
I cried almost constantly for the first several months after my birth. Drove my parents nuts. I think my tendency is the same.

Email me at tdlivingston@hotmail.com so we can plan on meeting up when you visit Charlotte.