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A little more Sunday stuff

A group from our sister church in Honolulu unexpectedly visited us this morning. It was awkward, because they didn't know about my ex-pastor's resignation nor the circumstances behind it. Wish Andy Lee (the pastor there in Hawaii, whom I know via conversation) had brought them up to speed when he told them to visit. Did my best, but such things always leave more questions than answers for the listener. Told them to say hi to Andy for me as well, since I'm unlikely to be headed to Hawaii soon.

Nap was good, helping to recharge the batteries for Grace on Tap tonight. Phil says he thinks I will really enjoy Julie Lowry, and I know I like Amy Rockwell (from The Catch) and Paul Mumaw, so musically I think I'm set. Hoping that Jennifer feels well enough to come; Blanche seems committed to trying to get her out to the pub tonight.

Wheat Chex make an excellent lunch sometimes.


...and why is it that you are unlikely to be headed to Hawaii soon?
Hmm? Hmmm? I mean, if you can make plans to head over to North Carolina, I think it is just as easy to make plans to head over to Honolulu, Hawaii (No doubt). heh! *flutters lashes and folds arms in her best girly-huff form imaginable*

Anyway, just a thought. :)
One journey at a time...

(though I imagine that huff is most effective)