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The things I learn

In early, home early. A late lunch at Blue Willow revealed that my perky waitress friend does not shave her underarms. Not even a little. Ever. I'm not making a judgment— I'm just saying.


was she 'american' or 'european'?

I've heard that the girls in France don't shave their armpits [excuse the slang]. That would ruin any attractiveness on a topless beach, eh?

Both she and her accoutrements appear to be entirely domestic. Home grown, as it were.
haha. niiiiiice.
eh. nothing wrong with a natural woman.

if it weren't for pool time with kids in summer, I don't know if I would . . .
I'm just saying. ;)
so what are you really saying with you're "I'm just saying"?
I'm just...saying...

(that was almost Shatneresque)