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Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Met with the Session this morning. God impresses me so much with the work He is doing in those men— it is, quite literally, an example of His strength being made perfect in their weakness. Not that our elders aren't an amazingly and diversely gifted group of men, but I am most struck by the humble grace that pervades them, a spirit that only comes of utter reliance on Christ.

My time with them was an encouragement, providing needed perspective. It probably sounds silly (and really, it is), but somehow I often forget that my work for the church is actually ministry. Too often I slap on the administrative blinders and lose sight of the big picture. I need to consider and pray about this. The guys were very supportive of me personally as well, and while I've known that, it is good to hear. I hope they heard the same from me.

Today's other perspective provider, oddly, was an underrated movie I hadn't seen in years. You know your life is strange when watching The Shadow holds personal significance. But there you go.


I haven't seen this movie, but anything with Tim Curry, Peter Boyle and Alec Baldwin has got to be interesting!

Is it anything like Dark Man? Ha... that was a hilarious movie.
Actually, it has a lot of similarities to Darkman. And personal significance aside, I've always thought Baldwin would have made an excellent casting choice for Batman. I recommend.
I could see him as Batman... as much as I like Val Kilmer, I didn't think he was right for that part. He was too pretty. And I think George Clooney was slightly too tuxedo to actually wear the batsuite.
Just my opinion, of course.
Oh, I completely agree. Which means you must be right.


I really liked the shadow as well. I saw it some years ago. He is interesting to me because everything he does seems to be more on a mental/spiritual level, physically he is pretty much a normal man. The writing was moderately clever too as I remember.
There are some very sharp exchanges that surprised me in it. And I'm also a fan of the mental/spiritual hero.
This sounds very like my favorite trickster hero, Bugs Bunny. He has to rely upon his inner forces to deal with his obstacles, trusting the work within his spirit to deal with things after uttering his famous mantra, "What's up, doc?" Which we all know is loaded with significance and seems to focus Bugs upon his greater emerging goal, which is, of course, having something heavy drop on, say, Yosemite Sam (a Californian villain, it's safe to say.)

Must go ponder Mojo Jojo.