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Jane, stop this crazy thing!

Some days (and especially Mondays), you just gut it out. That's what today was like-- work was a drudge, and though it was a beautiful day, I never really unwound and enjoyed it. Tired and alone are the most accurate ways to describe how I feel today.

It's just a day, though. Things aren't that bad; I'm just in a big old rut. The past weekend was more social and fun than average, with a party on Saturday as the week's highlight. Had a great conversation and connection with Robin there, and I might see if she'd like to go do something sometime. Do I sound junior high enough? It would just be nice to expand my circle of friends, and Robin is more intriguing than I had given her credit for before (I'm so damn judgmental).

And a special closing word of advice: don't have a latte at 8:30 pm if you don't want to stay up late, and especially don't have one if your favorite coffee shop makes doubles as its standard. I'm an idiot.