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Paradox and playfulness

Of late God has pleased to keep my soul hungry almost continually, so that I have been filled with a kind of pleasing pain. When I really enjoy God, I feel my desires of Him the more insatiable and my thirstings after holiness more unquenchable.

—David Brainerd

I've smiled and even laughed this morning, yet I also know longings of heart. Like Brainerd, I'm learning the two aren't always contradictory, and are often paradoxically necessary.

Mostly, I'm enjoying. Went out with Connor and Sara; though I've been feeling socially tired, I also knew it was important to invest in those friendships before they became more casualties of my neglect. After pizza, we saw Men in Black II and rolled home around midnight.

This morning I slept a little later, then came for my extended Victrola retreat. They're installing front windows that can open, which should alleviate the sauna-esque quality on warm days. Played with some poetry writing as well— there's something life-giving about being playful with language. I'm having fun.

Sometime I hate my writing, too: snob, party of one.


It is a strange paradox. I find myself in the same place. Thank God for the hunger. The kingdom of heaven is a frustrating thing...it is here, but not quite yet. Here's the laughter: Jennie and I saw Men in Black together last weekend. We loved it! Jennie's parents have a pug-dog and that made it extra funny. :)
If you start hearing their pug speak, seek help!

I'm continually amazed at how God moves to connect people on the journey home. I'm thankful not only that we hunger together, but that we shall feast together, both along the way and when we arrive.


Haha...their dog is already too smart, it wouldn't surprise me too much!

Amen. God is good...this is refreshing.