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I'm late, I'm late

For the record, I'm late, and I don't care all that much. My assistant pastor is on vacation for the next few weeks, so I'm solo in the office and no one needs me there just now. Also, since I worked through the day Saturday, there isn't a great deal of compelling from my conscience to get to work. I'm thankful for the other ways God has allowed me to spend time this morning and am considering ways by which I can work from home for much of today.

Last night's rain and thunder were lullabys. The latter is rarely sung in Seattle, and my heart stirs with joy when I hear it.

Much to pray about. I'm thankful to realize it.


Thunder storms are one thing I really miss about being in the mid-west... it WAS a grand treat last night, wasn't it?
It was! And I'm thinking I've missed a memo or two:
1) Are you in Seattle? It's not Narnia, but sometimes it's the next best thing...
2) Are you from the midwest? I was born and raised in Iowa.
I'd hum "It's a Small World," but I really hate that song, and huge Disney animatronics creep me out.
I'm not from the Mid-west...but I did live there for about a year- Chicago and Wisconsin.
Ironically, I've been considering a move to Iowa!
Yes, I am in Seattle... from Seattle.

And please don't sing It's A Small World! It makes me think of annoying helium filled voices.
Just to inform you, if you move from Seattle to Iowa now that I'm just clueing in to the fact that you're here, I think I might get ticked. Because it's all about me, after all.


My sister might say the same thing (she is overcast).

I'm at a point where I WILL move SOMEWHERE by the end of the year. I applied to go to a YWAM school in Germany (which would be in January) and if I don't get accepted, I've been invited to move into a little cabin in Iowa with a friend from college. Right now I'm broke and can't go anywhere, but I live with my mother and she is thinking of moving to Idaho. Strangely I would much rather move to Iowa than Idaho. Probably has something to do with being stifled by family. Hmmm.
Anyway. It all depends on where God leads, of course.
Sounds like I need to be conspiring with you sister. As God leads me to, of course...


Conspiracy Theo(ry/logy)?

Ugh. Sorry. That one was bad.
Oh, me likey.