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Gettin' my travel on

Houston: 1-6 August.

North Carolina: 7-11 August.


Hey! Somthin' goin' on here I dunno about? hee hee
If YOU get to meet JEREMY before I ever did. *folds arms in a huff* haha
Well, actually that woudl be REALLY great if you two could hook up. *hugs*
I thought so, too. Funny what can happen when I give God some of my vacation time, huh?

Something you don't know about? How likely do you suppose that really is? ;)

(oh, and don't think I didn't notice your typo correction– you're just like me in the Joshua Project! hehehe)
haha And did you notice the additional typo that still remains? However, I figured sending THREE similar messages to your in box might have been a bit obvious. Still, you caught me anyway. Can't slip anything by you.

Then again, I guess what goes around really does come around. I deserved to make a mistake like that, and have you catch me at it. heh

I can't wait to hear all about your vacations. I'm happy for you.
It's my first real vacation: I'm sure God will give me plenty to write about. I'm even going to a jazz show (Jane Monheit) here in Seattle between the two trips. I could get hooked on this vacation stuff.

(Now I'm tempted to throw in typos just for the fun of it. Freedom is a good thing!)
Oh, Jane. I love her.
Yes, Jane. I love her, too. She is amazing.