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Rest and peace

We re-live the passion of Jesus through a life of compassion. On the cross the open arms of the Crucified reach out to feel the pain and suffering of the world. The Son of Compassion wanted to absorb the guilt, rejection, shame and failure of his brothers and sisters. He came to us not with the crushing impact of unbearable glory but in the way of weakness, vulnerability and need. Jesus was a naked, humiliated, exposed God on the cross who allowed us to get close to him.

—Brennan Manning, A Stranger to Self-Hatred: A Glimpse of Jesus

Rest today. In the early afternoon I'll meet up with the Stephens family: Robert was a residence hall director with me for two years just prior to the Year of Hell. He moved on to Berkeley, and I'm sure we've both changed much in the interim (I know I have). I haven't even yet met their son, Jack.

But for now, rest. Peace with my heart, that I am just where I need to be now. Peace with His work in me, that He's doing it all and will see it through to completion. Peace with His love.

I will write more when it's time.

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